Memories of Prague, Hot Chocolate, and Cookies

I Just love thick hot chocolate! Usually I just add cornstrach to a good ready-made mix when I need a quick fix (tip for you all right there!) but I really do need to try something like this! 😀 And guys, guys. Never underestimate the power of marshmallows in your hot chocolate. Might come up with a thick nutella hot chocolate soon so look forward to that!

Katie at the Kitchen Door


European-style Hot Chocolate {Katie at the Kitchen Door}

This time of year always seems to be filled with ghosts of the four months that I spent living in Prague. Maybe it’s the drop in temperature, or the quality of light, but I find myself lost in little memories almost daily. Thoughts of walking through the cobbled streets after dark, buying klobasy (sausages) and svarak (mulled wine) from the glowing carts. Shivering as I waited to catch the tram each morning, then suddenly overwhelmed with heat once I’d stepped through the doors. The view across the river on the way to and from class, of all those thousands of spires. Haggling with the Vietnamese vendors over scarf prices at the Holesovice market. Long afternoons spent sitting alone in the park, stealing pictures of the people around me. Riding the tram out to the end of the line to go for long and wandering runs through the forest…

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