New Theme! And a complete fail.

So new blog theme ….. think it looked a bit more professional than the one before – won’t start changing it too often though cause that’d get confusing :L Anyway so tonight I tried out a Macaroni & Cheese recipe for 1 , it didn’t turn out good. It was gonna be my new post if it was good but, alas, it did not. To be honest – (tbh guys, tbh) – guys I actually don’t like cheese sauce on its own with pasta, but I was hoping to change that. Just trying to do new things 😛 I think maybe if I had used a stronger, different cheese it would have been a bit better. Mozzarella is not good guys. Or maybe its just me. I’m gonna blame the mozzarella.



if it had looked anything like this, i would have been happy, even if it tasted crap.

ok….. i wanted it to be yummy too 😥

See ya!

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