Chocolate Log!

So I didn’t really make it. But I did.

Today at school they decided that instead of teaching us how to make pasta sauces, pastry dishes, authentic pizzas and muffins, they would rather teach us how to make quick ‘chocolate’ buttercream and how to spread it on a store-bought Swiss chocolate roll. But hey, I ain’t judging.

I say ‘chocolate’ because to be honest it was just cocoa. But who really cares? Certainly not me – anything chocolate-y is good enough for me.

And so here it is along with the super simple recipe for the buttercream, which I’m pretty sure you don’t really need to know, but I shall post it anyway :L


Amazing zoomed in Instagram photos…..


1 medium Swiss roll (chocolate preferably)

75g Butter (you could use margarine but it is called buttercream.)

150g Icing Sugar (confectioners?)

40g Cocoa Powder

1tsp (5ml) Vanilla Extract

Optional: a little water or milk if the mixtures too cold/stiff


Combine the icing sugar and butter and beat together with an electric whisk or spoon/spatula. Add a little liquid if it’s already too stiff. Use the vanilla first as it might be all it really needs. Once combined, add the cocoa and beat it in till you have a smooth, creamy, amazing consistency. If it’s still stiff (sorry, but that’s what she said!), add some more liquid, just don’t go over the top…..


So there it is, hope you guys enjoyed this post, whether it was useful or not. It’s actually like -3°C today so it was bloody freezing. I had to add quite a bit of water to mine, but its okay because it’s not like its going to heat up and melt it anytime soon! :L

So ya. That’s it. See you folks laterssss 😉

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