All I want for Christmas is FOOOOOD!

All I want for Christmas is FOOOOOD!

So I love food. Especially Christmas food. It’s da bomb! 😉

I have tried out 1 recipe since my last post, which, as my mac n’ cheese, failed miserably. I’ve been busy this weekend Christmas shopping with the family on both days. An awesome and awful experience. Will it ever be perfect?

But TODAY, I tried out a chocolate chip bread and butter pudding. It was actually my first ever bread and butter pudding. And as it was requested for Christmas dessert, I decided I might as well do a trial so it’s less likely to be a disaster on the day. And it was good. Not perfect, but with a bit of tweaking it could be close.

I totally stole the photo, as you could probably tell. Professional photography isn’t my forte. I’m more of a instagrammer who goes crazy with effects kinda gal :L

So I’ll try and include another 1-2 posts before Christmas and after that I’ll try to upload any share-worthy dishes I made.
If the pudding turns out good, that will be up straight away! On the day! Or after….. Ya’know 😉 Christmas and all 😛

So thats that, lets hope for the best 😉 i should probably include a few non food-related posts to mix it up and make it what the blog actually says, so yeah :L

Peace out.


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