Rice Dream!

So the post today is pretty sad if you were expecting tips or a recipe. I have got a brussels sprouts recipe coming up, I just got to get a good picture. It may sound ‘minging’ to you but I love ’em. Its pretty basic with optional add-ins, but it makes them LUSH. And very more-ish.

Anyways, if you were looking for a recipe today…..

Sozza babes. It’s a review. I ain’t paid to do this so when I do you better listen up. This is my ‘ghetto’ version ’cause I ain’t a critic. Bro.

So yeah.

Rice Dream.

It’s lush.

Today at school as a kind of ‘holiday’ lesson before Christmas holidays, we got to try out a bunch of foods and drinks. We had to comment on taste, texture and appearance, aswell as give a mark out of ten. Some where new things we maybe hadn’t tried before, others were supermarket own brands that tasted the same, to give us a picture of how much we pay for branding. Whatever, we got food.

And Rice Milk.

Bloomin' delicious!
Bloomin’ delicious!

Yeah so this was one of the drinks and I absolutely loved it. I’ve tried soy, almond, and coconut drinking milk before and I didn’t really like any of them. They were okay in my tea and baking but thats about it. But this I could drink straight from the glass and be in heaven.

It had a slight nutty flavour to it, but not that strong. And it was slightly sweet. Sweeter than dairy milk, but not too sweet where you would consider it to be like a flavoured milk. And it had the creaminess you want, but it was also more refreshing than the regular dairy kind. I think it would be great to add to a blander cereal like bran flakes to brighten them up a little. I would totally drink it straight up though. It was that good.

Overall I think it’s a great alternative to dairy milk, whether as a substitute or just for something different. Although it doesn’t have all the nutrients of dairy milk, it can be bought with fortified calcium if that’s the kinda thing you’re looking for. And it’s got similar calories to semi-skimmed (2%) milk so it’s a slightly lower calorie option to full fat milk. And it works for vegans.

So yeah. And yum.

Hopefully see you with a recipe or something soon.

Or even a fashion/beauty/lifestyle post if I’m up for it.

see ya laterz bby cakes! 😉

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