The good, the bad, and the forgetful.

Why Gaby, why? Why can’t you remember to take pictures? Or charge your camera? Why are you so forgetful?

I’m sorry. I forgot.

BUT, i’ll tell you how it all went. And some good news.

My first time making Christmas dinner, and although I don’t want to do it again anytime soon, it turned out good!

Turkey, potatoes, boiled veg, roasted carrots and parsnips, Yorkshire pudding, pigs in blankets, stuffing and lots of gravy. It. Was. Yummy.

Really yummy.

And although I forgot to take pictures, which I’m sad about for more than one reason, it’s okay! Because I have amazing recipes for roast potatoes and brussels sprouts, and  two recipes of which I’ve adapted for waffles and Yorkshire pudding.

You know what this means? Posts! And because I’ll be making them with the posts in mind, I will remember to take pictures. And they’ll be drop dead amazing…….ly instagrammed.

But they’ll be up, along with some other posts scattered in between.

So tata for now and talk to you guys soon! *kisses*

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