Buttery, delicious Green Beans!

So here’s that brussels sprouts  recipe I was telling you guys about…..

More-ish and Yum!
More-ish and Yum!

Except, y’know, not with brussels sprouts.

Basically this is the exact way I do it for those yummy little cabbages but it’s easily adaptable to multiple veg. This recipe along with calories applies to green beans but seeing as there’s basically only 2 ingredients it’s easy to figure it out yourself.

And Oh-em-geeeeeee, guys! They’re sooooo good.

Even though I’m a total sweet-tooth I’m also just a foodie in general and love things as unhealthy as deep-fried desserts all the way to eating cucumber for fun. Yeah.

So here ya go!

Buttery Green Beans:

Serves: 2 (as a side) OR 1 (if you’re like me and eat them for lunch on their own or as a ‘Gaby sized’ portion)

Calories per Serving: for 2 – 85          for 1 – 170


200g Green Beans (i used frozen)

15g/1T Butter

Salt & Pepper



First off, cook the green beans. Whichever way you prefer. I ain’t judgin’. I placed mine in a bowl filled with water and microwaved them for 4 minutes. Quick and Easy! Just how I like ’em 😉 After this, drain if necessary and set aside and bring out that sauté/frying pan of yours. Place it on the stove and melt the butter on a high heat. Once it’s all melted and starts to sizzle, chuck the beans in and toss them around in the butter till coated, adding salt and pepper to your own tastes. Keep tossing them in the pan for another 2 minutes until some start to brown and caramelise. Then turn the heat off and transfer the beans to a plate, serving dish or straight into your mouth while no-ones looking.

If they do, it’ll be with envy.


Hope you try this recipe out, and Happy New Year guys! Actually in about 4 hours for me but still :L

And just as i’m wonderin’, whats your guys favourite vegetable, and way to prepare it? I don’t care if it’s the onion you put in your chili! 😛


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