Egg Fried Rice!

Woop woop! Food! Recipes! Rice!

So I loooovveeee Chinese food. And when I say Chinese food I mean the food from Chinese buffets, takeaways and restaurants. Half of it probably isn’t completely authentic, or at least only covers a tiny section of the cuisine, but hey? Food is food, and to me, it doesn’t matter if it’s authentic or not. If it tastes good and brings me enjoyment, who am I to complain?

I’m 90% sure Nando’s isn’t authentic Portuguese, and their peri-peri chicken probably isn’t the same. Hell, it’s not like they have Nando’s in Portugal, but take me to Nando’s and I will happily scarf down a chicken breast pita with corn on the cob and medium spiced sauce. Yum.

So, what my rambles all come down to is this. Here is a fried rice recipe. Fried rice is simple, easy and – to me – decently healthy, especially when made yourself. And it couldn’t be simpler.

I don’t care if I’m not using some fancy sesame oil, Chinese vegetables, or the wrong kind of rice. It’s good, tasty, and quick to make.

So here. A recipe from my kitchen to yours 😉


Egg Fried Rice

Servings per recipe: 1 (maybe 2 as a side?) Calories per portion: 400


1 Portion Of Cooled Rice (i used 65g of dry Basmati rice, and cooked that up according to instruction)

NOW. This rice, once cooked, must be chilled for at least and hour in the fridge or can be left out overnight. Basically, you want the texture of leftover rice. Its drier and more separate compared to clumpier, fluffy, moist, just cooked rice. 

50g Peas (I use petit pois)

25g Pepper (red or orange is good for colour)

25g Broccoli (one big floret)

1 Medium Egg

1 tsp Dark Soy Sauce

1-2 tsp Oil For Frying (i used vegetable, go ahead and use your fancy sesame oil or groundnut, rapeseed, whatever…. :P)

Salt & Pepper

A Pinch Of Chinese Five-Spice


First off, slice the broccoli floret into, well, slices. Then chop up the pepper into little pieces the size of peas. You can take your broccoli and place it in a small dish with a Tbsp of boiling water to take off any raw edge it might have. Follow this up by beating the egg with a couple of Tbsp of cold water and the soy sauce. After this place a wok, or skillet if you don’t have one, on a very high heat and heat up the oil until anything that touches it sizzles. Add your rice into it and toss it around for about 30 seconds, just coating it with the oil and beginning the frying. Then make a well in the middle of the rice and, if you feel there’s not enough, you can add the extra tsp of oil. I never usually need this. Pour the egg mixture in and mix it around in the centre quickly, and then mix it all up with the rice. For about another minute, toss the rice around in the egg until it is visible that the egg has completely cooked – usually when the rice is less clumpy. Toss your veggies in along with the seasoning and mix it all up. Take off the heat and transfer into a bowl.

Glory is served.

Hope you guys like this, how weird it is to post savoury recipes twice in a row. I made this single serving/2 serving chocolate bread pudding the other day. It just wasn’t quite right. I know it could be better so I’m gonna take another stab at it.

TTYL guys! Toodles!

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