Hot Dog Courgette Sandwich

Hot Dog Courgette Sandwich

So  this isn’t much of a recipe. It has 3-4 ingredients, is totally adaptable to the point where you wouldn’t know what the original ‘recipe’ was, and it isn’t really a recipe at all.

Wanna know what it is? No? Well I’ll tell you anyway. It’s a list of ingredients that taste really good together and I wanted to share them with you.

Just thought I’d let ya know 😉

I’ve also got a bunch of ideas for dishes I want to make! Off topic I know but if you want the recipe scroll down. If you enjoy a little rambling from some socially awkward, food loving Brit, though, you’ve come to the right place! Lucky you! So yeah. There’s so much stuff I want to make and it feel like I don’t have enough time. Even though in reality I have ages, I just suck at time management. And I over think and worry too much which actually takes up quite a bit of time believe it or not.

Today I had a really good idea for a sweet & savoury dessert recipe, and instead of coming up with

a new recipe for it, I realised I could use and improve a recipe I made before and just add to it. Woo! So when I get around to making that I can post it if it’s a success. Again, woo!

And you know what’s also woo? This sandwich.

Hot Dog Courgette Sandwich

Servings: 1       Calories: 275


1 Sandwich Thin (i used wholemeal)

2 Tinned Jumbo Hot Dogs

Slices of Courgette (8-10 small ones is good – about 50g)

1T Ketchup (15g/ml)


Toast the sandwich thin slightly if you want to, it’s not really necessary though.

I like to slice the hot dogs into 3 lengthways, then each slice in half, making about 12 pieces overall.

Heat up a griddle pan and grease it slightly so nothing sticks. I drizzle it wit

h oil and spread it around with tissue paper – this soaks up excess oil.

Put the hot dog slices and courgette slices on the griddle pan once it’s heated and sear the hot dogs on both sides they’re hot and have nice, sexy griddle marks :L Same for the courgette slices.

Spread 1 or both sides of the sandwich  thin with ketchup and assemble it with the hot dogs and courgette slices. Done. Hard wasn’t it?


So as I was saying – easy, not a recipe, and super adaptable. You could totally use a hamburger bun or a finger roll and just not slice the hot dogs. Also use a different condiment if you don’t like ketchup. All I’m saying here is that instead of the usual fried onions here England, grilled courgette tastes awesome with hot dogs instead. Maybe even as well as. And I strongly recommend ketchup cause I think it’s the best, but it is up to you, after all. I might try it with sweet chilli sauce sometime though as that sounds really good too.

Also! Better photography this time, no? No need for awful ‘instagramming‘ this time 😉

So, a question! What’s a twist you put on a classic sandwich that tastes awesome? Comment below!

Au Revoir 😉


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