Now, I’m not gonna pretend I’ve found an obscure gem or anything, loads of people know about MyFitnessPal.

But I just started using it recently.

Mini Review Time!


So basically, I’m no bodybuilder, runner, athlete, or ‘super sporty’ person in general. I like the outdoors and walking and do some basketball most weeks but that’s about it mate. Not much going on over here :L

I am however on a little bit of a ‘weight loss journey’ 😛 How I hate that phrase. But it’s true and I’ve actually lost a decent amount of weight in  bout the past year, not a lot, because I haven’t really been exercising and I didn’t really need to lose much anyway, but from just a food perspective I’ve done pretty well. I have a target weight that I think would be a place where I’ll feel best about my self – orsomethinglikethat – but I’m not obsessed, and will stop and maintain when I feel good. Sounds reasonable to me. Am I right, am I right, or, am I right? I have a sneaky feeling I’m right…..


And so I started using the MyFitnessPal app on my iPad recently, about 1-2 weeks into it now, and so far it’s really good. It always used to pop up in my searches online when I would look up nutritional info for food I was eating, but I never really saw it as much more than that. Then I got intrigued and downloaded the calorie counter app. Of course its free, why else would I? I’m gonna put it out here now, I actually have no paid for apps, and I’m very happy about that and don’t feel denied anything. Why pay when you don’t have to?

But yeah, it’s really good. Main features include tracking the food you eat, mainly focussing on calories but protein, carbs, fat etc. are all there as well. Same with exercise, you can track how many calories you’ve burnt. And its all personalised to you because you can calculate how many calories you should be eating a day by entering your height, current weight and how much weight you want to lose or gain. And maintain as well!

I’m personally not strict using it or anything, and just use it as a guide and a way to hold recipes I’ve made and the calories in them, which is actually useful for the blog as that’s something I like to include.

So check it out if it’s something you’re interested in, just thought I’d put it out there. And don’t worry, this isn’t gonna become some healthy eating, fitness blog. There are tons other places for that, and I’m no expert either so it would be really awful if I even tried that. I’m more about just good food and ‘better-for-you’ cooking methods, but that’s about it. It’s why I include calories because sometimes people just wanna know.

So that’s that, I’m not much of a good reviewer, sozza babes.

Be back soon though with another recipe. I keep talking about upcoming things when I try out something new that I want to post. But it’s always at nighttime when there’s crap lighting or I just forget to take a photo. I’m so bad, I know, I really need to work on that, but I cant help it if I eat dinner in the evening! 😛

Also, I’m going to KFC today, how exciting! I actually haven’t been happier in months ngl, it’s actually pretty sad. I love fried chicken though, soooo goooooooodddd!

^Totally contradictory of this whole post but oh well! Bye bye!


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