Cinnamon French Toast!

Ahh French toast, it’s up there with the other good breakfasts – pancakes, waffles, porridge, a full English….. yum!

Cereal and toast are just so blah.

That’s actually a lie I love bran flakes.

Now that I’ve told you toast is blah, I shall continue with this French toast recipe.

French Toast

You may be wondering, “Hey Gaby, why is one slice of toast darker than the other? Did you burn it?!”

Or not, you may not be wondering that, in fact you probably aren’t.

But I shall ‘spill’ anyway. I used one slice wholemeal and one slice white, just to see if there was a huge difference in taste. I must say that the white slice was a bit lighter, I think that’s due to the extra fibre in the wholemeal weighing it down, but the wholemeal was very tasty too! Maybe next time I should buy a half&half loaf, like ‘Kingsmill 50/50′ or something. Still gettin’ that fibre with a light taste 🙂

I also only used egg whites in mine to save on calories and stuff, but go ahead and use a whole egg, it will probably make it richer and probably even yummier to be fair. But this is French Toast kids, it’s yummy anyway! 

So try ‘dis shizzle. It’s da bomb. Fo’ sho. Yeh.

Cinnamon French Toast! :

Serves: 1      Calories per Serving: 240 (egg whites only)

                                                                    300 (1 small whole egg)


2 slices of Medium Thickness Bread

1 small egg OR 1 egg white

50ml Semi-Skimmed Milk

1/2tsp Cinnamon

Optional: 1tsp Sweetener (of choice)


In a shallow dish, add all the ingredients except for the bread and whisk them together until all fully combined. Then place the bread slices in the mixture and soak them on both sides until the mixture has sunk all the way through. Place the slices on a plate and let the mixture settle in while heating up a greased frying pan on a medium heat. Butter is great to use for greasing, but ya know, up to you….

When the pan is nice and hot, add the slices of bread and cook until golden brown, about a minute or so each side. Serve up on plates with whatever toppings you like. A simple dusting of icing sugar is great, but maple syrup, fruit, Nutella…..

So try this because I say so. It’s very delicious I must say, I truly must say.

What’s your favourite breakfast then? I can’t choose but French toast is up there with the best!


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