Arrabiata Tuna Melt

This is one good sandwich.

Arrabiata Tuna Melt (Inside)

And probably one of the simplest ever too.

The only reason I made this was because I wanted to try out using my waffle iron as a sandwich press.

Totally worked btw.

Arrabiata Tuna Melt

How sexy does that look?

I know. Pretty damn sexy.

And it’s filled with only three ingredients, but it’s thick and melty and yummy without using a lot of cheese.

It’s also really flavourful without adding any seasoning because the arrabiata sauce does the job for you.

Sometimes I think I’m a genius.

Arrabiata Tuna Melt

Serves: 1              Calories per Serving: 340


2 slices Medium Thickness Bread

60g Canned Tuna (in spring water)

50g Arrabiata Pasta Sauce

15g Grated Mozzarella


Mix together the tuna and sauce and spread over one slice of bread.

Sprinkle over the mozzarella and top with the other slice of bread. 

Place the sandwich in a sandwich press or toast on a pan/griddle with weights. Or if you’re awesome like me do it in a waffle iron, it works!

Once the sandwich is brown on both sides, take it out and bite into melty, flavourful goodness. Done!

I really like the creaminess of mozzarella but I usually have it with other flavourful ingredients. I particularly like Red Leicester cheese as well, it makes the most amazing toasted cheese sandwiches!

What’s your favourite cheese 😉 ?


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