New and Improved!

I’ve realised that it doesn’t make sense when companies introduce their products as ‘new and improved’.

If it’s new then it’s something totally different right?

If it’s improved then it’s just a better version of something all ready created. Right?

Ah well.

The ‘new’ of this post is for the new header and new things to come, post-wise. The ‘improved’ is basically just there to make the post sound interesting and catchy. And I guess the blog looks improved with this header. Hopefully.

So the ‘New’ then!

Fanta & Ombre Shorts

As you should be able to see, there’s 2 photo’s in the header that haven’t actually been posted on the blog before. The two in the middle are showing what’s to come! First, something un-food-related. Yay! I’m branching out! Although I can’t actually promise a tutorial on it – because I didn’t take photos, soz – but I can leave links to videos and tutorials that inspired me, and maybe show some outfit ideas?

As for the Fanta, well I think I might start including posts – food-related, we can’t stray too far from my love – about new products I try each month or week or whenever, and/or possibly my favourites of the month or week or whenever.

This is what the blog should look like on a desktop:

Blog Layout

So I hope that sounds exciting to you all!

Something to look forward to in future posts!



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