March Favourites!

The title makes me feel like one of those beauty guru’s on YouTube.

Ah well. Who’s complainin’?

So basically I’m just gonna round up my top 5 favourite foods of this month, whether they be products or recipes!

Why? ‘Cause I feel like it, that’s why 😉

5. Grape Fanta

Grape Fanta (2)


It says it’s caffeine free and 100% natural flavours.

That means it’s healthy, right?

No? Uggghhh. But it’s so damn good. I picked this up from a store that sells american imports, it was  £1.50 – ikr!? – but so bloomin’ worth it. And I only drink diet soda usually (because it’s just so much healthier ;)) but I made an exception to try this.

48g of sugar and I don’t regret it one bit.

4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups



This is like one of my favourite sweets/candy/chocolate/things ever. I just love peanut butter and chocolate together.

This is only really in the list because I ‘rediscovered’ it this month. I basically just hadn’t had them in ages before now.

3. Muffin Pudding

Muffin Bread Pudding


You can just go back to my post on this a few days ago to understand the awesomeness of this stuff.

2. Walker’s Sunbites

Sweet Chilli Sunbites


I lovvveee these. So crunchy and delicious and not greasy like other fried snacks (why I buy baked snacks/crisps usually) .

Particularly the Sweet Chilli flavour.

Wholegrain means negative calories right?

1. Tuna Arrabiata Melt

Arrabiata Tuna Melt (Inside)


This is probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever made. It makes me love canned tuna. It makes me love mozzarella. It makes me love my waffle iron just that little bit more since I tried toasting it in there. It is a very, very delicious sandwich.


So there’s my round-up of favourites. I really do feel you should try them all out. 

I really, really do.

Toodles! :*


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