Carrot Cake w/ The Most Amazing Frosting You Will Ever Have In Your Entire Life.

This frosting is amazing. It’s amazing and wonderful and magical and delicious and so many other things.

The magic of browned butter. It tastes caramel-y, but doesn’t. It’s unique. It’s magical.

It’s to die for. Or as close as.

Oh, and the cake is fine too.


No, the cake is actually very good as well.

But I have to say, don’t skip the frosting, it’s really what makes it.

I honestly want to eat it by the bowlful.

No joke.

But I loved it on the cake too. I love Carrot Cake. Side by side to chocolate cake, it’s my favourite. And this is one darn good cake the you must try immediately because otherwise you will be missing out and that wouldn’t be good because you may die soon and I wouldn’t want you to die without this cake and this frosting because it would be quite sad and I would feel sad and you wouldn’t want me to feel sad now would you because what kind of a person does that make you huh not a good one that is.

Yeah, um, you guys are good people.

Try the cake please?


Carrot Cake w/ Browned Butter Cream Cheese Frosting

Serves: 8     Calories per Serving: 410



60ml Vegetable Oil
60g Apple Sauce
60g White Sugar
60g Dark Brown Sugar
2 Eggs
250g Finely Grated Carrot
180g Plain Flour
1/2tsp Salt
21/2tsp Baking Powder
1/2T Cinnamon
Pre-heat your oven to Gas Mark 4.
Combine the first 4 ingredients.
Whisk in the 2 Eggs one by one, then stir in the grated carrot.
You can now add in the rest of the ingredients (the dry ingredients), adding the flour in two separate batches, stirring in between.
Pour the mix into two greased 8″ baking tins and fling em’ gently place them in your hot and sassy oven.
Bake for 20-25 minutes, poking a toothpick or skewer in to check for done-ness (it should come out clean).
Let cool, in the ins for 5-10 minutes then flip over onto a cooling rack or plate to cool further down to room temperature before frosting.
200g Medium Fat Cream Cheese
25g Salted Butter
25g Salted Butter, browned then cooled *how to make brown butter
150g Icing Sugar
To make the frosting, just whisk together the butters and sugar until combined, then whisk in the cream cheese.

For this I recommend using an electric whisk or a food processor. *I actually only had half the amount of icing sugar so I used granulated sugar for the rest and made mine in the food processor, which ground up the coarser sugar and made a nice smooth frosting. You could just grind up granulated sugar first then follow the instructions too to get the same results.


There you go! Cake, glorious cake! Frosting, glorious frosting.

Have good day, and fill it with cake!

Toodles 😛




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