Grilled Courgette Fries

They’re the shape of fries. Sort of. That’s about it.

But they sure do taste yummy!

So if you like courgette, and you like grilling, this is for you! Hopefully.

Try it. Find out.


This recipe makes enough for one but it’s not that hard to double triple, quadruple…..

Grilled Courgette Fries

Serves: 1          Calories per Serving: 35 


160g Courgette (2 long chunks)

Paprika & Salt


Take the long chunk of courgette and slice it in half lengthways. Now – also lengthways – slice the courgette into chunks, like you do with carrots and cucumber for dips.

Heat up a greased griddle pan (you can also do this on a barbecue) and cook the courgette fries, a few minutes either side or until charred nicely on the sides. Take off the heat and devour!

These taste good with ketchup. And sweet chilli sauce. And pretty much most dips you would commonly have with regular fries.

As you can see I really like vegetables…..


What’s your favourite fast food fries? Or just any place that does fries. For me, you can’t beat a good McDonald’s every once in a while! 😉


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