It’s Shorts Weather!

So those ‘different than food’ posts I was telling you about like ages ago….

One has arrived!

Basically it’s just a little inspiration and ideas on what to wear for the teenage to early 20’s population of girls 😉

NOW, I am by no means a fashion expert, nor do I have a lot of clothes – or money to spend on clothes.

That could be a good thing though because it means my style isn’t snob-ish (aka its not amazing) and it also means that what I’m showing you is basically in the majority price range.


and they’re just ideas so……



Basically the idea is I’m just going to post pictures of what I’m wearing that day when I feel I looked good! The posts will be quick and short, with a couple pictures. Easy to read and look at.

Something a little different 😉


Today’s Outfit! 

*finally shorts weather peeps! :P*

Outfit (06/05/2013)
Shorts – New Look
Top – Primark
Jacket – New Look
Shoes – (Vans) from Tilly’s


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