Limonada! (Mint Lemonade)


Er-magherd guys.


Sozza for the stupid language.

But I feel a little 10 y/o excitement is what best describes this drink. And the weather here in England. And just my mood in general today.

I was in a good mood today. And the sun was out – it was warm. The sky was blue. Everybody else was in a good mood. It felt like freakin’ summer.

And in summer we drink refreshing drinks – or at least I do – and so today, I bring to you…..


A super-duper amazingly delicious lemonade with a twist of mint.

It’s da bomb. Here you go.



Serves: 2-4 (depending on glass size)               Calories (for entire batch because really.): 60


4 Lemons

4 big handfuls of ice (est. 24 cubes)

4T Mint Leaves

2 cups (500ml) Cold Water (still or sparkling)

Optional: Sweetener of choice*

* I recommend about 1T ea. for 4 servings, so 4T total. Just add sweetener calories (whether using Sugar, Splenda, Stevia, Agave etc.) to the serving.

Limonana Collage


Roll the lemons to get the juices flowin’ (is a “that’s what she said” joke acceptable here?)

Cut the lemons in half and squeeze out all the juice into a bowl, scooping out most of the pulp too. Zest the lemons first if you wanna save that for another time.

Place the squeezed lemon & pulp, ice, mint and water in a blender or food processor and blitz until the ice is crushed and fine and the mix is smooth. You can blitz it again with the sweetener of choice or just serve in glasses and people can sweeten them to their liking. If using sugar you may want to do it in the blender as it is more difficult to dissolve as the drink is cold.

Serve and making those little ‘slurp-then-“ahhh”‘ sounds like you did when you were a kid. Or was that just me?

a little collage i made today for instagram. go check it out btw ;L
a little collage i made today for instagram. go check it out btw ;L

Question of the day: Was that really just me or did you make those noises too?

Toodles! :* xoxoxox 😀 – please feel the irony.


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