DIY Galaxy Shoes


Heh, heh…..

I may or may not have not posted for about 5 weeks.

I was on holiday for 9 days so I don’t really think I have an excuse, however if you were missing my posts than thats actually great because it means I have people who care about my blog now! Hopefully you’re all still with me…..

Galaxy Shoes Collage

You should be too because not only am I back – I’m also bringing out those non-food-related posts I mentioned like ages ago. Today I bring you super hipster DIY Galaxy Canvas Shoes! Woo!

The thing is I’m not even making fun of the hipsterness. I just made that a word btw. I love these shoes and I’m so proud of them that I honestly don’t care what other people think. And whether they’re really hipster or not is up for you hipsters out there to decide. That also makes me wonder whether people should really be given groups or not. Can’t we just like, dislike or be indifferent to people? Do we really have to categorise them and judge them on those categories?

Wayyy off topic! Back to the shoes! From White to Galaxy guys. Quite a transformation.

Galaxy Shoes (4)

I’ve got a lovely collage of step-by-step photos to show you as well as a written explanation, so lets get started!

DIY Galaxy Shoes.

You Will Need:

a Pair of White Canvas Shoes

a Sponge (washing-up type or not)

a Small Paintbrush

an Old Toothbrush

Tape (i may have used sellotape but try to avoid it if you can)



Acrylic Paints; white, lighter blue, darker blue/s, purple & pink

Brand: Reeves Left to Right: Violet, Magenta, Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue Hue, Blue Lake. then some random white acrylic.....
Brand: Reeves
Left to Right: Violet, Magenta, Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue Hue, Blue Lake.
then some random white acrylic…..


Galaxy Shoes Collage
Click me to Enlarge me!

*starter note* to ensure the colours blend with each other and to make the paints go further, mix each one out with a little water. also most acrylic purples are dark so if you want a look closer to mine then mix with a little white before applying to the shoe.

  1. Take the laces of your shoes, tape around the rubber edge to protect from paint and dampen with a wet sponge
  2. Dip your sponge in darker blue paints and dab around the shoe, blending two shades together if if you’re using more than one
  3. Dab the purple paint in some of the spare white areas, blending with the blue where the 2 colours meet
  4. Repeat this same step with the pink paint, filling up the majority of the white areas
  5. in the small white areas left, go over them with a lighter but bright blue and blend, then add areas of white paint on top of the colours for dimension and blend around the edges
  6. If you have plastic lace holes then clean them up with a wet cotton bud, if they’re fabric you can just paint over them with the colours or paint them white at the end
  7. Dry the lace holes with a dry cotton bud (in the photo the right side is clean, the left is not)
  8. After your shoe has mostly dried, take your toothbrush and dip in white paint then flick the bristles with your finger to spray a light layer of the paint on the shoe, repeating this all around it
  9. You can repeat this step a second time and also add bigger white ‘stars’ with your small paintbrush as well as glowing stars and shooting stars if you want
  10. Let your shoes completely dry and they’re DONE! You can now optionally go over them with a waterproof shoe spray

Brick Wall Galaxy

I recommend the spray as I once created an amazing (to me) graffiti/doodled/patterned pair of shoes with acrylics and they got wet and the paint ran everywhere! They were ruined! As far as I know they’re sitting in a ‘dumpster’ or landfill somewhere in Florida 😥  I can’t even find a photo I took of them to prove I ever made them.

So in short, I recommend the spray. its the type used for suede, leather (same thing?), fabric etc. I’ve ordered mine on-line and I hope it works. Although I still think I’ll avoid the rain.

Have you ever made something you were really proud of and had it ruined? Was it soon after or years later?

9 thoughts on “DIY Galaxy Shoes

      1. Thanks so much! That’s super helpful! Also, your galaxy print is some of the coolest I’ve seen. I hope I can get mine to be even half as cool as yours is.

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