Halloumi, Roasted Pepper & Egg Wrap….. with other stuff too

wrap Its not like this wrap has more than 10 ingredients or anything, its just there’s too many to put in the title. Therefore you can just go look at the ingredient list.

Sorry to be blunt. It’s not really bluntness so much as laziness. Sorry about that.

This wrap is totally vegetarian and if you think hat means it won’t be tasty then you must be mental. But you’re not mental, you is an open minded person. You is smart, you is kind, you is important. 

That was a good film, no? I actually only wanted to go see that film because it had Emma Stone in it – I love Emma Stone – but it was a really good film, so yeah, I reccomend The Help to anyone. Fo’ sho’. I also reccomend this wrap to anyone and everyone. Aside from vegans because I have a feeling they might not want to eat the egg and halloumi in this wrap. And y’know, lactose intolerent’s, raw foodists etc.

But aside from that, EVERYONE!

Halloumi, Poasted Pepper & Egg Wrap

Serves: 1                Calories per Serving: depends on specific types and amounts of food


1 Wrap or Chappati (i used a chappati wrap)

Harissa (about 1/2-1tsp)

Halloumi (few slices, about 30g/1oz)

1 egg

Pepper (red, yellow, orange, green…..about 1 small one, chunked)*

Avocado (few slices)


Salt & Pepper

*alternatively you can get jarred roasted peppers


First you want to roast the peppers by spraying them or brushing them with a little oil and putting them in the oven at Gas Mark 8 until soft with black-ish brown char in the skins, removing the skin is optional.

After this you just want to fry or poach your egg the way you like it, preferably still with a runny yolk because this acts like a creamy sauce throughout the wrap.

Last bit of cooking is to fry the halloumi in a pan. You don’t have to add fat as it doesn’t tend to stick but you can add a little butter for richness if you want.

Avengers Time to assemble! Take your wrap and some harissa and spread it out super thinly over the majority of the wrap. Now place the cooked slices of halloumi, followed by  the egg, pepper and avocado. A sprinkle of paprika is delicious here too along with salt and pepper to taste.

Close up your wrap and dive right in! This goes great with something crunchy on the side.

Vegetarian Wrap Collage Hope you’re all super hungry now so you can go make this.It’s truly delicious.

ta ta for now :L


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