Pumpkin French Toast




Look at my mad editing skills with that writing on the picture. I mean woah. Step back a second because I think Gaby just put in a lot bit of effort right there.

Secret: The words are 3 different shades of orange because I’m an idiot and couldn’t get the same shade of orange on each word so I thought I’d try and be quirky.

Tell me I’m quirky!

But yeah. Sorry if the pictures a little blurry, I actually took the photos right before I ate this exact French Toast, and I thought I’d be cool and shove a cup of tea right there. Damn you Steam!

However, all was well when I finally ate my breakfast, so let me off today and go make this. I’m ordering you to. Go be all autumnal and and pretend you’re really unique and different and creative with your Pumpkin French Toast.

Or just make it and snuggle up in a blanket with it on your lap watching friends. With your Central Perk Mug! Ermagherd guys, found this mug in a charity shop close to me for only £2!

Pumpkin French Toast

Serves: 1                           Calories per Serving: 350 (not including sweetener option)



2 slices Medium Thickness Bread

1 Small Egg

60ml (1/4 cup) 2% Milk

50g (3T) Pumpkin Purée

1T Sweetener of Choice (Dark brown Sugar (yay), White Sugar, Splenda, Stevia, Honey, Maple, go figure it out yourself I’m bored of listing)

Big pinch of Cinnamon

Pinch of Mixed Spice*

Pinch of Salt

1tsp Butter

*i suppose this is really just British pumpkin pie seasoning with some other random stuff in it like coriander  tastes the same as far as I’m aware, not that i’ve actually used pumpkin pie seasoning before but Wikipedia said it’s similar and I use it in place all the time in recipes and I mean no problems here so stop judging me as you read this and go make yourself this toast, 🙂


In a dish, mix together all the ingredients except the bread and butter until you have a thick orange liquid mix thing (great vocab right there).

Cut the slices of bread in half, or don’t, I ain’t yo ruler, and dip them in the egg mix, flipping them over once to soak up the mix.

Heat up a  frying fan on a medium heat with the butter until it’s sizzling. Place the slices of bread onto the frying pan and cook for about a minute, then flip over, the bread should be browned on its cooked side, cooking for just under a minute this time until the other side is brown.

Serve on a plate (or a bowl, I won’t say nothin‘) with your toppings of choice. In the picture shown (this morning guyssss) I topped mine with caramel sauce and then cracked some sea salt on top. YAY FOR SALTED CARAMEL.

Pumpkin French Toast


I’m really happy about this mug guys, it’s my new favourite. And when I say new favourite I mean I’m slowly becoming a mug hoarder but the collection is still small-ish as I’m very picky about the mugs I buy. 

Oh, and I’m happy about the French Toast too, I love coming autumn because it gives me a reason to go out and spend £2 on a 425g can of Pumpkin Purée.  Libby’s is the only brand I can find here where I live, and it’s imported from America so it’s expensive. I suppose I could make it myself, but again, pumpkins only become super widely available during October in the UK, because nobody eats pumpkins here.

You see the hardships I have to live through!? 😥

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn? Mine would probably be being able to wear shorts and tights togehter and not look as desperate and ridiculous in them as I would in Winter 😛



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