Ermagherd guys.

I’m changing my blog name.

When I first started my blog November last year (almost a year ago!) I chose what I thought was a really fun name, and I still stand by that now, I really think my blog name is quite fun, and I want to keep it that way. However I just feel like I need a change and something that I won’t come to detest in the future – as I know myself and I’m really picky and constantly change my mind. I also never know what I want however I always know what I don’t want – it’s surprising I even decide on a new name! Anyways, I wanted a new blog name that really represents what the blog is, but I didn’t want to be all serious about it. I wanted to include the fact this blog is mainly food however I also occasionally just chuck some other stuff into it….. ‘bullshit’ if you will.

And that’s when I came up with Butter & Bullshit! Or Butter & BS as I figured I would go with.

It really represents what I’m all about, and my personality. FOOD FOOD FOOD and a bit of BS because despite all my issues, I really prefer not to be too serious 😛

And I mean if we think about it, I won’t run into copyright issues if this blog really takes off! Or at least I think that could be an issue, would it? Have I got the wrong idea? I don’t know but I’m happy about this change!

So until the end of this month, it’s still Nutella Is Ma Fella and from December Butter & BS here we come!

I hope you can all spread the word about my blog and lets make Butter & BS awesome! I really think I’ve found a passion here and I would love if you guys could support me on my hopefully good journey to come. I’m revamped and looking forward to the future of this blog.

I feel like I just wrote WAY too much about a new blog name but it’s exciting for me and I’m really happy about my decision and needed to inform you guys!

Have a good day and tell me what you think of the new blog name.

Toodles! 😉

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