Sweet Potato, Bacon & Cheddar Sauce Risotto


It’s not all dessert here kids. I make grown-up food too. Risotto even, cause I’m cultured (not like yoghurt, but um, you know). And I like rice.

And bacon.
Bacon’s great. That’s why I’m bacon you food. Except I’m not because I cooked this on the hob and that was actually the most awful pun. Soz.

But you can see I’m providing something new here. It may all just be food, but now some of it’s savoury, and fancy too.
Or at least fancier than pasta with with a jarred sauce. Risotto’s considered fancy right? I could be. I mean it’s not exactly considered pub grub so…..
Either way it’s not a classic risotto, so I’m basically sailing away from the safe harbour.


Lovin’ those tealights aren’t ya! All those beautiful glowing flames THAT YOU CAN’T SEE. But you can see the glow and that’s all that matters, because FIRE IS DANGEROUS. STOP DROP AND ROLL.

Roll? More like SCROLL down for some more risotto! Badum chuh!


This is delicious. the sweetness of the sweet potato (duh) goes really well with the saltiness of the bacon, and then the creaminess of the risotto itself with the warmth of the thyme is just ermagherd. And then there’s the cheddar sauce. Cheddar because I’m too cheap for Parmesan, but also, I think it tastes great. And it’s really easy too because it’s made in the microwave and can just be poured on top and rippled through.
Please don’t forget the flour in the cheese sauce by the way, unless you want melted cheese surrounded by some hot milk that is lumpy and not pour-able, then you’ll probably want to use it. And if all else fails, just grate some cheese on top!

Say Cheeeese! And bacon. And sweet potato.

And, um, rice.



Sweet Potato, Bacon & Cheddar Sauce Risotto
Serves: 2                                  Calories per Serving: 400


100g Arborio/Risotto Rice
160-170g/1 small Sweet Potato
600ml/2.5 cups Chicken Stock (i used a cube)
1/4tsp Thyme
2 rashers Bacon
1T Creme Fraiche
Salt & Pepper to taste

30g/1oz Cheddar, grated (i used a lighter one)
30ml/2T Milk
big pinch of Flour
Salt & Pepper to taste


First chop up and cut any ingredients. Cube your sweet potato, not too small though and slice your bacon into pieces. Set aside.
Heat up your pan on a high heat and add in the rice, swirling it a round a bit to heat it up, then add the sweet potato, thyme and about 1/3 of the stock, bring to a simmer.
Meanwhile you can fry of the bacon in a small frying pan, and set aside.
Stir the rice and potato often, until the majority of it has absorbed, then add another 1/3 of stock and so on. The rice should absorb the liquid, and the potato should cook and become soft, resulting in a creamy rice dish.
The main risotto should be done in about 20-25 minutes, with soft grains of rice.
Add in your creme fraiche now to increase the creaminess factor and also stir in 1/2 the bacon pieces.

For the cheddar sauce, combine all the ingredients in a microwave-safe small bowl or ramekin or cup or YOU CHOOSE and give them a quick stir. microwave for 10-20 second intervals, stirring in between. After about a minute the sauce should be thick and creamy, and pour-able. You may wish to season here now.

Serve the risotto in your dish and pour over some of the sauce. Swirl it in to slightly incorporate. Top with the leftover bacon.



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