Orange Hot Chocolate


OK. So it’s kinda almost the end of January. I know you probably have all those resolutions and stuff to eat healthy or not have chocolate or lose that excess Holiday weight-gain.
I’m also sure you probably have some leftover chocolate from the holidays, because of your resolutions or simply because there is so. much. chocolate.

And if you didn’t make any resolutions (hi, me too, aside from the constant list of things i would love to improve about myself, but lets not get in to that) or you don’t have any leftover chocolate, then GO OUT AND GET SOME, or use other chocolate you have.

Basically this recipe is just, ‘use some chocolate and orange stuff and make yourself a drink.’


You can do that right? YEAH YOU CAN.

Also, i know what you’re thinking (you might not be but i’m pointing out for the sake of letting everyone know my huge list of fails and flaws). ‘What is with the hot chocolate in the orange?’

I was trying to be artsy okay? I was even going to put an orange lid on it with a straw and be all cute and stuff but as we can see my scooping wasn’t too great and my orange was kinda wonky. It’s still in the photos though – because i tried and i wasnt about to let that go unnoticed.

Now that I’ve pointed it out you can’t judge me, right?


Orange Hot Chocolate
Serves: 2                   Calories per Serving: 290

75g/5-6T Chocolate*
400ml Milk/1 3/4 cups (i used 2%)
Zest of 1 Orange
1/4tsp Cinnamon
Sweetener of Choice (i recommend brown sugaaaa)
*literally whatever, i ended up using chocolate buttons, a cadbury flake and galaxy minstrels!

In a saucepan, heat up all your ingredients on a gentle heat, until nice and smokin’ hot.
Sieve the mixture into a jug or your mugs, catching excess cinnamon and the orange zest. Press the leftover zest and cinnamon in the sieve to squeeze out any liquid and add extra infusion.
serve & enjoy!

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