So basically this is what pancakes were to me until the age of like 9? Then i experienced what ‘real’ pancakes were and stopped eating these and I DON’T KNOW WHY. Like regular pancakes i suppose don’t taste as good with pure lemon and sugar, while crepes or fondly named ‘English Pancakes’ taste amAZING. Even though they’re actually French…..but still. I guess  it just depends on the toppings i want, or fillings if we’re gonna talk about crepes.  But i hadn’t had crepes in ages and so what is the solution to not having something you want? Go out and grab it. Or get it. Or y’know, make it.


I actually took this recipe from Nigella lawson’s website, but adapted it slightly. I substituted 50g of Rice Flour I had into the 150g total, not for any particular reason, just because i had the rice flour and i hadn’t really used it and i thought i probably should. So i did basically. I think in the end it actually made the crepes a little more durable and easier to flip, as rice is very glutenous, especially since i used the mix to make 8 crepes over the suggested 6 – but don’t take my word for it because i don’t like pointing fingers people. I also added a teaspoon of vanilla extract which was nice, and i reduced the butter to 15g as opposed to 30g – I don’t think it made a difference really, besides the crepes having less fat – although i wouldn’t skip adding fat completely, as it helps with the crepes not being dry and stopping them from sticking, which can be a problem if you decide to use rice flour (i think), but in general too.

Look at me being fancy, pretending i know everything about food. I just like Crepes.

ImageThese are actually so basic though, and btw, even though my first one turned out fabulous, a lot of people say the first crepe always turns out bad, so don’t be let down if your first one isn’t so great; at least you can eat it straight out the pan with some Nutella and have no one judge you. I think the reason mine turned out good was because of the rice flour possibly? I think i’m going to dedicate everything great about these crepes on the rice flour, even though it’s probably not the case seeing as i’ve never made them this way before, and they’ve turned out great may times.


I really hope a basic recipe like this isn’t disappointing to you all, but the basics can sometimes be the best. The crepes photographed here are actually right after i made them for myself and my mum, and they were cold by the time i dug into them and i yet still, i honestly groaned a little; partly the pleasure of having something i love first thing after waking up, partly because good things taste better when you haven’t had them in a a long time and partly because I LOVE CREPES.

^that’s what she said, delayed gratification much? 😀


So with that, enjoy!

*adapted from nigella lawson
Makes: 8                               Calories per Crepe: 110


150g Flour (i used 100g plain, 50g rice)
1 Egg

325ml/1 1/3cups

Milk (i used 2%)

15g/1T Butter
1tsp Vanilla Extract (optional)


Melt the butter and in a jug or bowl, beat all the wet ingredients into the flour with a whisk or fork until smooth. If in a bowl, transfer to a jug now.
Heat a pan up to a medium-high heat and slick with some non-stick spray or wipe with some melted butter/oil on a piece of kitchen towel. basically grease the pan. Once hot, pour a little mixture onto the middle of the pan then swirl to spread the mixture out thinly but evenly, add a little more if needed but no more.
Cook for about 1-2 minutes then lift gently from the sides of the pan to check if golden. If so, flip and cook for a further 30 or so seconds on the other side then transfer to a plate. Repeat.

To me, crepes are perfect sprinkled with sugar and fresh lemon – fold, repeat and fold again. Toppings/Fillings are endless though!

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