Valentines Day, #CampTakota & PANCAKES!

THIS IS  A WARNING: there isn’t actually a new recipe in this post, just an idea for pancakes on Valentines Day and a collection of my favourite pancake recipes I recommend you could use. I apologise in advance for my lack of innovation and my abundance of procrastination. Enjoy.

DSC00231 (2)

So it’s almost Valentines Day, the day of luurrvee. Or the day of people feeling pathetic because they have ‘nobody’ and therefore will miss out on super long queues for fancy restaurants, heart shaped boxes of chocolates which will eventually get thrown away…. and roses which will eventually – just like the romance between that guy that asked you out just for the day – die.

I speak as if these are experiences to me but really they’re just made up scenarios and pessimism.

Happy Valentines Day!


I say this all sarcastically not because I hate Valentines Day – I mean I’ve never done anything on one so what could I have against it unless I decided that now I suddenly need to be validated by having a date at the desperate old age of whatever – but because this Valentines Day I won’t be doing anything remotely romantic.

Unless of course I start referring to the totally canon romance of Hartbig all throughout  tomorrow as I watch CAMP TAKOTA!


I don’t really know the lives of any of you following this blog but if you got that Hartbig reference, HI. If you didn’t however I wouldn’t feel too bad about it because that means you’re on the sane side of the internet and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

However Camp Takota itself isn’t the weird side of the internet, I’m actually going to a Camp Takota viewing party with my friends this Valentines day! a.k.a after school we shall all huddle in front of my friends TV with snacks and an HDMI cable and watch a movie we haven’t seen before but are already obsessing over.

I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT, IT IS COMING OUT TOMORROW. So if you’re interested in a downloadable copy of a film that costs just as much as a regular cinema ticket or possibly less, go to now! Woo yeah. And if you’re not persuaded by me telling you to go buy a movie that you don’t even know the synopsis of, then you should probably watch the trailer :L Also, this downloadable copy is yourrsss 5eva!


If you’re still not persuaded by a random pancake post from a food blogger telling you to go buy a movie,  then I tried. I really just wanted to rave about something I’ve been loving in a blog post and I guess it kinda makes sense as I love it. And it’s Valentines Day.

Y’know, love and all that stuff…..

I don’t know.

But you still get pancakes so yay!


I feel a tad bad as this isn’t much of a recipe post, more of an idea.
Basically, as it’s Valentines Day, why not go get a squirt bottle and draw your pancake shapes? And that’s it. A rhetorical question for a recipe. I am a bad person.
But also, a collection of my favourite pancake recipes:

Honey & Oat Pancakes
American Breakfast Pancakes
(go to)
Coconut Pancakes
Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Pancakes (sometimes i sub greek yoghurt for sour cream)
my own Chocolate Pancake (for you singlesss)

Have a great day Camp Takota Valentines Day guys!


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