Salmon Parcels

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Impressing people without really trying is something I aim for in life. Goal In Life = Impress people without making an effort

It’s very satisfying.


Lately I just have no energy. And by lately I mean never; but I persevere as I would probably otherwise be crawled up in my bed all day watching YouTube and learning nothing.

I also really like cooking and eating too, so I have to make time for that over my constant want for sleep.

And then of course I need to make people believe that I’m actually not lazy and that I spend my time on productive hobbies an impressive dishes.


That’s where these come in. I made these a couple weeks ago and also just yesterday for Mother’s Day. I think my mum knew they were extremely easy as she basically saw me making them, however she was nonetheless impressed as they are SO TASTY.

And easy.The comparison between the ease and the appearance of these makes them taste better.

All facts her on Butter & BS 😉


There’s actually very few ingredients involved in making these either, so its not a long shopping list at all.

And also, before we begin, let me just put it out there that I am not good at folding or creating square shapes with pastry, but did that stop me? No. Look at these beauties – misshaped as a ball of play dough and still rubbing themselves in your face with there class.

They’re classy.


Easy Peasy Salmon Parcels

Makes: 4


1 pack of Filo Pastry (usually about 6-8 sheets)
2 Salmon Fillets
1 Onion
1 Carrot
1 Pepper (whatever colour i suppose idk)
60g Butter (split in half)
1tsp Honey
1/4-1/2p Paprika
Salt & Pepper


Chop up all the vegetables thinly. Slice the onion into thin strips and cut up the pepper and carrot into match sticks.
Add 30g of butter to a pan and melt on a medium heat. Once sizzling  add all the vegetables along with the honey and saute until soft. Season well with the paprika and salt & pepper.
Remove the skin off of the salmon and slice it into small, short strips.

Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 5.

Cut the filo sheets in half or just into large-ish squares. Then take on square and quarter it into 4 more squares.
Melt the leftover butter.
Take 1 square of filo and brush lightly with butter. Layer over another square and just brush the centre. Now lay on top one of the smaller square sin the centre (this is for support btw ha)
Take 1/4 of the vegetable mix and spoon into the centre. Follow up with 1/4 of the sliced up salmon.
Now, fold up the corners of the square and gently press and twist the corners to hold the pastry in shape.
Repeat this process for all 4 parcels and then place them baking tray and brush with the excess  butter.
Bake for 15 mins and voila.

Omg you’re basically a Masterchef now righhhtt?

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