chocolate breakfast shake (high fibre, vegan*)



easy, peasy, and you can prepare the base for many of them all at once.

um, yes please.

I personally really enjoy smoothies and sometimes I think a drink is more refreshing than food, but I also sometimes want a milkshake and soz but that ain’t so healthy. I also think ice cream ain’t all its made out to be sometimes? Just me?

Anyway currently I’ve really been focusing on fibre because, well, I really need fibre despite my love for fruit and veg. This basically means I’ve recently attempted to make everything I consume have more fibre than usual and in my attempts, this beautiful shake came to be.

Usually I just make the ice cubes with the first 2 ingredients but yesterday I realised I could basically just blend everything aside from a few things in advance! yay! Althoughhh, if you want to customise your flavours, then just blending the milk and banana/yoghurt is fine.

Basically here you go. Try it. Enjoy it, or don’t but i really hope you do

chocolate breakfast shake

serves: 1
60ml/ 1/4cup milk of choice
1/2 banana + 2T greek yoghurt*
15g/2T cocoa
1T wheat bran
pinch of salt
3-4 dates, soaked if necessary (1-2 if medjool)
180ml/ 3/4cup milk of choice

1T nut butter/coconut oil (for richness, 2T for flavour)
1T chia seeds (even more fibre, keeps shake thicker for longer)

*you can just use a whole banana to keep this vegan, but i’m not and tbh i don’t like the taste of banana, however it does lend a certain silkiness and creaminess, and so by using a little yoghurt i can mask the banana taste and still have the benefits. if you are vegan and don’t like banana, maybe use a vegan yoghurt?

in a blender or food processor, blend all ingredients except the last 2 until smooth.
pour liquid into an ice cube tray (1 standard should suffice) and freeze until solid.
once frozen, pop out cubes into your blending contraption again and top off with the soaked dates and more milk, also your optional ingredients if using.
blend till smooth, pour in a glass, cup, jar, bottle, anything – and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “chocolate breakfast shake (high fibre, vegan*)

  1. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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