Madeira Cake w/ Spiced Pumpkin Ripple


This is kinda a big deal guys. I’m 2 years old today :’) Right now Mrs Thompson from year 4 would probably be in awe due to my constant inability to carry on with anything I start. Usually I “quit everything [i] do.”
Now that sounds petty of me and it probably is. It is a little bit true though. I’m a very flighty person and I get bored very easily. I’m also a hardcore pessimist and look for reasons  not to continue things. And I’m lazy. So basically what I’m trying to say is that although I’m inconsistent and I may not have a huge following to pressure me into it, I’ve stuck this out for 2 whole years and to me that’s quite an achievement.
Should have put that in the achievements section on my college application. I don’t think leaving it blank was a good idea. (dw that’s uk college, not uni; what a disaster that would be)


OK so onto what I’ve made to c-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e!
Usually, I’m not a huge fan of cake. Not because it’s bad, but because there’s so many other cooler things out there. However, I had a bundt pan sitting around that needed to be loved and Madeira cake is so simple and such a great base to adapt. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee (or a glass of Madeira wine).
And to adapt, I thought I’d give a nod to the autumn season and the craze over pumpkin spice that has inevitably hit us again. The cake is firm, but with a lovely soft crumb, and the ripple is one of only 3 ingredients that can be baked right in – aka for those who literally have no time for cutting cakes in half because that would be a disaster.
And finally this beauty of a cake is topped with a simple sugar glaze and scattered with pumpkin seeds that I definitely did not burn the first time round and then give up and mix with raw seeds. Of course not.
Jokes aside (are they really jokes though? more like just desperate sarcasm really), thanks guys. You’re totally rad for following me. Now make the cake and tell me its good. Massage my ego pls. Seriously though this cake is YUMMY and look how pretty it is too!?
note: the madeira cake alone is adapted from pomegranate days

Madeira Bundt w/ Spiced Pumpkin Ripple

serves: 16


260g salted butter
130g light brown sugar
130g demarera sugar (can blitz to make finer)
5 medium eggs
400g plain flour
2tsp baking powder
1/2tsp salt
80ml boiling water

Spiced Pumpkin Ripple:
175g pumpkin puree
100g light brown sugar
1T cinnamon
optional: 1/4tsp nutmeg

150g icing sugar
a little milk
– roasted pumpkin seeds


– pre-heat oven to gas mark 4/180 & grease (and flour) your bundt pan
– in a mixing bowl, beat together the butter and sugar until light and creamy
– in a smaller bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder and salt
– beat the eggs into the butter sugar mixture 1 at a time (add a little flour after an egg if the mixture begins to curdle) – until all are combined and the mix is smooth
– add the flour mixture and stir just until everything is well combined
– quickly beat in the water until everything is smooth again
– pour half the mix into the bundt pan and spread out till even
– set cake mix aside and in another small bowl, mix together the ingredients for the filling
– pour the filling mix into the bundt pan on top of the cake mix, spreading over evenly
– glob the remaining cake mix on top now and spread over gently (the mix is quite thick) until the top is smooth
– bake the cake in the middle of the oven for 50-60 minutes until the top is golden brown and a skewer comes out clean
– let the cake cool for 10-15 minutes in the tin/mold then flip out onto a cooling rack and leave until the cake is completely cool before icing (about 30 mins)

– to glaze: mix together the icing sugar and a little milk – the icing should be very thick but spreadable and pour-able. Pour it in blobs over the top of the cake and spread over, letting the glaze dribble down a little on the sides. While the glaze is still wet, scatter over the pumpkin seeds and the let the glaze set until hard; or enjoy straight away, whatever suits you



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