HOW TO: Breakfast Bowl

DSC_0013well would you look at that! guess who bought their self a new camera? guess who ACTUALLY MADE A PURCHASE.

DSC_0017wowowowow. HAPPY NEW YEAR btw GUYS!

I’m not going to lie and be falsely positive right now – let’s be honest, January’s are kinda sucky. But, it’s almost over and I’ve let the lack of motivation control me for most of the month, so might as well be productive once before it’s over. SO, I’ve now got a brand new, spanking, old looking piece of wood to photograph on – and it’s fab.

That’s pretty much all the news guys, so hope you’re all having a good day!


New year, new meΒ posts. Here’s a quick ‘how to’ for the new year. These bowls are so easy, good for you and damn high in fibre which is grrrrreat!
Breakfast (or whatever) is served dude.

HOW TO: Breakfast Bowl

*serves 1
1 banana, frozen
1-2 handfuls of fruit of choice, frozen
3-4T juice, milk, water etc.
optional: greens, chia seeds, super food powders
TO TOP: fruit, nuts, seeds, granola, dried fruit
blitz together the banana and fruit in a blender of food processor until it forms a soft serve consistency. This will probably require scraping down the sides a few times and possibly a little liquid to keep the mixture moving – keep going though, you’ll get there.
scoop the soft serve into a bowl and top with whatever you’re feeling, a good combination textures is good; juicy, soft, crunchy, chewy.



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