vegan french toast

Guess who’s back? Back again…..

After a extremely long hiatus due to a real dry patch in the motivation/inspiration departments, ya girl’s back with something worth the wait my friends!

french toast.DSC_0220aka pure bliss – to make and eat because this is so easy!

And vegan! From a french toast lover there are no compromises here.

u don’t need the eggs people!DSC_0215also bonus this comes with a video as u deserve more from me after almost 3 months. I’m inviting you to the world of my poor quality YouTube channel – this is the only video i don’t regret uploading! (lets not speak too soon tho cause its the first day and i’m bound to self deprecate within a weeks time lol)

um but yeah. this is delicious (creamy, crispy, melt in yo mouth).

Watch the video, make the food, devour the food. Enjoy!

Vegan French Toast

enough for 6-8 medium-thick slices
6-8 slices crusty bread
2 cups dairy-free milk (i used soy)
2T chia seeds (can also use flax)
1tsp cinnamon
1tsp vanilla
2T sugar (or other sweetener)
pinch of salt
Whisk together all the ingredients but the bread (obviously haha)
Let the mixture sit for 15 minutes, for the chia seeds to thicken the mixture a little
Soak the bread slices in the mix for a few seconds either side
Fry the slices on a non-stick, lightly greased pan on medium heat – about 1-2 mins either side or until golden brown (you can also put the slices in the oven at 220ºC for 5  minutes if you like a crispier crust)
Finally, serve the toast with fresh fruit, syrup, whipped cream, nut butter, seeds etc. or just plain ‘ol icing sugar (ma fave)

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