blueberry buttermilk pancakes
breakfast bowl (2 ingredients, ‘nicecream’)
chia bran pancakes
chocolate breakfast shake
chocolate pancake
chocolate waffles
cinnamon french toast
egg white oatmeal
french toast (vegan)
2-ingredient banana pancakes
breakfast combo muffins (orange, chocolate, bacon)
pumpkin french toast

Bread & Pastries

butternut squash pizza base
cinnamon rolls
cinnamon swirl bread
pizza dough

Pasta, Rice & Noodles:

egg fried rice
macaroni cheese
mac ‘n’ cheese (for 1)
middle eastern rice
plum soy noodles
sweet potato, bacon & cheddar sauce risotto
sweet potato macaroni cheese


arrabiata tuna melt
grilled cheese w/ caramelised onions
halloumi, pepper & egg wrap (with plenty more things as well)
hot dog courgette sandwich
turkey burgers

Poultry, Meat & Fish:

orange chicken
salmon parcels

Soups & Stews:

meatball chilli
thick tomato soup

Snacks & Sides:

buttery green beans
caramelised onion gravy
grilled courgette fries
apple crisps


caramel apple pie filling (single-serving)
carrot cake w/ brown butter cream cheese frosting
chocolate pancake
chocolate chunk cookies (vegan, gf)
classic crème brûlée
cocoa buttercream
jaffa cake bread pudding
giant chocolate chip cookies
madeira cake w/ spiced pumpkin ripple
muffin pudding
oatmeal raisin cookies
toffee apple bread pudding
white chocolate croissant pudding


creamy coconut cocoa
limonada (mint lemonade)
orange hot chocolate
perfect hot chocolate
thick nutella hot chocolate
chocolate breakfast shake



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